Effects of Acne Vulgaris

Acne Vulgaris has been regarded as the skin problem that caused by the combination of secreted oil from the sebaceous gland and the dead skins on the top of the skin. It resulted into the blockage the pores that has a uses of oozing out the sweat. It has various names like blackheads, blemishes, whiteheads, pimples, or zits. In cases of Acne Vulgaris the predominately feigned areas are face, upper neck as well as chest, back and shoulders. At the upper arms Acne can also occur. In rare cases acne results into cysts. Acne Vulgaris is considered to be the grievous case of acne problem. The mild form of acne is Mild red pimples. On an usual manner people face the mild acne problems. With few people severe case of acne can exclusively happen. Regarding to these skin problems there are many causes as well as an incorrect conception.

The main treatment for stopping acne is cleaning the skin in a proper manner. There are acne cream available in the market without any prescription of doctors. Scrubbing and rubbing will result in worsen the acne problem. There are many side effects of acne vulgaris. Acne Vulgaris resulted into psychiatric and psychological complications like

o Adolescent prevalence

o Facial distribution

o Misperceptions regarding etiology

o Social emphasis on "appearance"

There are some and psychological complications of acne vulgaris like

o Depression ---it the most common problem that the people who faces skin problems usually faced. Acne Vulgaries also caused depression amongst the acne effected person. Depression may led to the serious mental problems. It has been researched that people with acne problem became unsocial person.

o Social phobia --- People who are facing acne vulgaris usually developed a social phobia. Social Phobia includes being afraid of meting people, they are tending to avoid social contacts, parties. As they thinks that people will avoid them.

o Anxiety disorders --- people with acne vulgaris problem sometimes faces anxiety disorder problem. In such problem they grew up a tendency of being affected by acne problems. If a simple rashes took place they became afraid of being affected by acne vulgaris.

o Impaired self-image and self-esteem --- acne vulgaris also effect on the personality of a person. People who are facing the problem tend to be demoralized all the time. They are facing the problem of low self esteem. They became afraid of taking into any venture.

o Social dysfunction --- People who are suffering from the acne vulgaris problem usually tend to restrict themselves to go for any social contact. they grew up a feeling that people around them will avoid them because of their skin problem. That is how their social functions started dysfunctioning. This problem is usually faced by the teenagers. They finds this problem as a reason behind going off their girlfriends and friends.

o Reduced quality of life----the quality of life that one can live usually gets decreased with this skin problems. As people started suffering from Depression, Social phobia, Anxiety disorders, Impaired self-image and self-esteem, Social dysfunction etc the quality of life automatically started losing its importance.

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