Remove Acne Scars With Optional Treatment

Most of us have suffered from acne at one time or another during our lives, generally during our teen years. Most of us were lucky to have by outgrown this phase of our lives without any lasting effects; however, some individuals are left with acne scars. From minor to major, you can remove acne scar with optional treatments.

First, you need to understand acne scars and to do that you need to understand acne. Acne is simply a term that refers to pimples or lesions that occur because the hair follicle is plugged, but there is much more going on than a zit on your face. Propionibacterium is the underlying bacteria that develop in the pimple.

Just as there are many causes of acne, there are many variations in the seriousness of acne. Mild acne may be just a few whiteheads or blackheads to severe acne, which includes red inflamed papules or pustules, and pus filled cysts. Serious cases can cause scaring and you can remove the acne scare with blue light therapy.

The most serious scarring is associated with the severe forms of acne. The best way to prevent scarring is to treat the acne early on, however it doesn't always happen that way and many are left living with acne scars.

Today when you think, remove acne scar you will discover a lot more treatments than were seen just 10 years ago. Prior to that, those with acne scars really had little to choose from in the way of treatments. Today you have a variety of options such as Dermabrasion, skin grafts, and laser treatments. Laser acne treatments have quickly become the most popular form of scar removal. That's because they are affordable, non-invasive, and effective.

Dermabrasion - These treatments are reasonably affective but they are invasive. This means it will strip away your skin down to the same level where the scar tissue resides. The skin then regenerates at a shallower level producing a smooth finish.

Laser Treatments - This is the least invasive treatment on the market and it produces excellent results. Remove acne scar with laser surgery acne treatment, which uses a laser that targets just the scar tissue. It removes the layers of skin in the targeted area so it does not irritate or disrupt the entire facial skin. Treatments are reoccurring until the scar tissue is completely gone.

Skin Grafts - This is an excellent treatment to remove acne scar that is too deep for other treatments to be effective. With skin grafts, the scars are cut away and a skin graft is taken from the ear to rebuild the affected area.

Peels - Peeling is considered a surgical treatment to remove acne scar. It works in the same manner as a face lift works, removing the epidermis or outer layer of skin taking with it the scar tissue. Several treatments are required because it is usually done in small sections.

Retin A - products are more often associated with the removal of fine lines and wrinkles, however their initial use was to remove acne scar and they were quite effective at doing just that.

If you are one of the unfortunate people that are left bearing the scars of acne from your earlier years, you can remove acne scars with one of the optional treatments, all of which have an excellent success rate.

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